The mage city of Zennoaat stands proudly wrapped in its silver walls, with rainbow-hued slender fluting towers capped with multi-coloured domes of stained and frosted glass. it has seated ninety nine emperors, ninety nine students of her grand libraries and fanes. but a prophecy has been reached; on the day of its one-hundredth Emperors coronation, the Doom of Zennoaat would be decided; If it should stand for a thousand  years more or falls within a decade. For, at this pivotal moment in the history of the world, the forces of Law and Chaos have come in to conflict, and in turn, threaten the fabric of reality and the tapestry of history. Within this conflict, the Cosmic Balance has chosen its pawns, and through them, to prevent all out war between the gods, things will be decided. which of the three powers, Law, Chaos or Balance will have its ideology upheld is to be decided by a band of four, and which will be bought crashing down.

The Magicians Crown